A. Executive Recruitment Services

Whether temporarily, contract or permanent placement white-collar workers, our team of consultants are well qualified to attract professionals through extensive in-house research, contacts, advertisements, internal and external portals to ensure we map and identify the right pool of candidates and select the best for our clients.

B. Career Advice

We are all about working with professionals to help those need advice in their career, ensuring them can reach their career goals. We do this in part through sharing career advice from all the insights that we have garnered from decades of experience.

C. Foreign Workers Management Services

Since the year 2000, the company has introduced foreign workers to a lot of companies including many large-scale multinational corporations. The best safeguard for the industry and the foreign workers is assured because we strictly follow the trusted and qualified government registration procedure.

D. Introduction of foreign workers

The company had also expanded to providing foreign workers from Nepal, Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia. The company assists employers in the arrangement of the foreign workers’ physical

E. Factory Shuttle Vehicle Service

Since 1991, the company is committed to prioritize safety and high efficiency in providing the most superior bus service. The company also requires employees to provide the best services at all times and to place safety aspect as the basic consideration in performing all activities. The company also performs regular inspections on its 15 factory vehicles and 2 factory vans. These transports under the company’s care have met stipulated level in all safety and performance aspect.

F. Hostel Management Service

In order to ensure smoother operations, the company also began providing accommodation services for the foreign workers. This move was a brilliant solution to the company’s employee accommodation problems.

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